Tips for solo travelers​!

There are some people who prefer to travel alone, some others traveling alone because they’re not having companions or friends to join them!

Why it’s better to travel solo?

The real bonus of solo travels is FREEDOM! You plan your trip as you feel it, you organize your day as you want it, you don‘t have to support the mood of anybody, solo traveling can bring you a lot of opportunities to meet other people during your trip (travelers and local people)



Some tips to organize your trip:

Thanks to the Internet to search for the best flights fitting your budget, to get tourism information of your favorite destination from Tourism Office websites and blogs of those who already visited the destination.

No problem for you to find the right accommodations,  in hotels (, Agoda) or by Airbnb, or Couchsurfing. These websites give you security and best location in cities.

If you speak English it would help you everywhere in the world. To speak some Arabic in the Middle East, would be useful but not mandatory … Try to learn some local words or use sentences of the destination language before departure, It will help you showing to the local people that you are making an efforts to speak their language ! it is always very much appreciated by locals even if they reply to you in English!


Always think about your safety and security:

During your trip, take care in large cities at night, if you go to some bars, be aware of any local scams and keep a close eye on your valuables. Don’t travel with too much cash in your handbag, and take a photocopy of your passport, always keep Important documents, flight tickets in your suitcase in your room.

 In each city there is Tourism police, just take their phone number in case of an emergency.


In some places like Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia… you could feel to be « harassed » by young guys trying to sell you something that you don’t want, or offering to become your personal city guide. Just say « no thank you », « sorry I am not interested », « bokra inshallah ! ». They should not insist, it is a part of their game to get a small business from you. If you are a girl, in North Africa they would call you « Jolie gazelle » or « cute gazelle » .. Just smile and leave it!


Daily programs:

Plan your visit program the day before, depending on what you are interested in. If you are more of an introvert and prefer to observe culture, many museums, palaces are waiting for you, if you are more a social person, just sit for a coffee at terrace where you could also meet other travelers who could also share their travel experience with you.

Don’t forget to take guide books with you, visiting with Lonely Planet in your handbag, and also a nice novel if you find the right place to read it (a park, or on a chair by the river) There are so many amazing places everywhere in our world!

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Karma Beach Bali


Be a good photographer:

You are traveling alone like a reporter, make good pictures of your trip to share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or Whatsapp. It’s a good way to keep contact with them and to say that you are safe and happy in your solo travel!

By experience, I have been traveling alone to many destinations but never lonely!




Enjoy your travel freedom and please share your comments!

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  1. Hi Karim
    I found it your Blogs so interest. the way how you share the experiences and detailing your trip is so prefect. would like to see you making Vlog from your life as a cabin crew
    wish you good and bless travel

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