One day in Nice

Have you ever fell in love with a place from the first time! This is how I felt when I landed in Nice.
Let me share with you one beautiful day full of fun, beaches, food and some sightseeing!
Place Massena

Beautiful sculptures and red brick building. I Enjoyed the beauty of these works so much. Plus Place Massena is an attractive square surrounded by shops and architecturally beautiful buildings. Originally created in 1832 this square is named after Nice’s most famous citizen Jean Andre Massena


A delightful open Water Mirror Fountain in the heart of Nice, Innovative children’s climbing/ playing space and the reflecting fountain area which delight young and old.

The lovely waterfall on top of Castle Hill overlooking the Promenade

One of the most interesting sights on top of the hill itself is the waterfall. It is a man-made artifice. The water is pumped over the side of a hill with no apparent source. Ali called is a glorified fountain which is really true.


View of Nice over the Baie des Anges and Old Nice
View of Old Nice from Above

Views of Old Nice from Above

I would recommend you to go to the top of castle hill in Nice for the views. The views of the town and the water, Seriously, what a great view.

Nice’s second largest public beach. A good option if you’re not picky and just want to spend some time near the sea.


Old town side streets leading to Cathédrale Ste Réparate on Place Rossetti

The baroque Cathédrale Ste Réparate on Place Rossetti


The Old Town has changed little in 300 years, still capturing Nice’s authentic Mediterranean mood. Both sides of the narrow and winding streets are lined with colorful historical buildings, churches, and charming boutiques.


Castle Hill over Port Limpia


Nice’s Old Town is full of life thanks to its many markets. Place Saint François is a charming little square that hosts a daily fish and herb market.


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