Two Days in Prague

Wenceslas Square

09:00 Wenceslas Square 

Duration One Hour

Located in the middle of Prague a few minutes of walk from the Old Town Square, this square is known for celebrations, Public gatherings, and shopping.


10:10 Old Town Square

Duration of the visit One Hour, 12 minutes by walking from Wenceslas Square.

At the heart of Prague’s Old Town, this magnificent and popular by tourists square with its colorful houses located between the famous Wenceslas Square and Charles Bridge.



11:15 Tyn Church

Duration of the visit30 Minutes, 3 minutes by walking from Old Town Square.

Also called the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn, located in Prague’s Old Town Square while the towers or spires of the Church can be seen from almost everywhere in Prague.



11:50 Old Jewish Cemetery

Duration of the visit One Hour, 7 minutes by walking from Tyn Church.

Entrance: Adult 165 CZK, Child 110CZK

A very popular tourist attraction in Prague is one of Europe’s oldest Jewish cemeteries. It’s located the Josefov, the Jewish Quarter, One block away from the famous Old-New Synagogue.



12:50 Old-New Synagogue

Duration of the visit 45 minutes, 2 minutes by walking from Old Jewish Cemetery. 

Entrance: Adult 200 CZK, Child 140CZK

Located in Josefov, the Jewish quarter in Prague is this mid-13th-century Gothic style synagogue. In fact, it’s one of the earliest and most important Gothic building in Prague.


13:35 Jewish Quarter

Duration of the visit One hour, 1 minute by walking from Old-New Synagogue.

The Jewish Quarter in Prague attracts millions of tourists and researchers from all over the world each year. Though it has amazing history especially for the Jewish community.



14:40 Spanish Synagogue

Duration of the visit 45 minutes, 4 minutes by walking from Jewish Quarter.

 Entrance: 330 CZK

One of the most beautiful synagogues in Europe, the Spanish Synagogue is located in the Jewish section of Prague, the synagogue in one of the oldest buildings in Prague, and was recently restored in the 1990s.



15:30 St. Agnes Convent

Duration of the visit 45 minutes, 4 minutes by walking from Spanish synagogue.

Entrance: 220 CZK

Located in Stare Mesto, in an impressive complex of Gothic buildings dating back to the 13th century you can find the National Gallery’s collection of medieval and Czech Gothic art.


Day 2


09:00 Prague Castle

Duration of the visit 2 hours and 30 minutes

Entrance 250-350 CZK

The Prague Castle is huge complex of buildings connected by internal courtyards and built out throughout the last 1000 years. It could take you half or full day depending on how well you want to explore it. The main sights within the Castle are St. Vitus Cathedral, St George’s Basilica, the Royal Palace, the Powder Tower, and Of course the Golden Lane in Which Frantz Kafka used to live for while.


11:30 St, Vitus Cathedral

Duration of the visit 45 minutes, 1 minute by walking from Prague castle.

Entrance part of the Prague Castle

While on Prague, one of the must-see sites is the beautiful St, Vitus Cathedral originally called St Vitus, St Wenceslas and St. Adalbert Cathedral. The cathedral located on the hilltop overlooking the city within the Prague Castle Complex. The complex itself is like a small town with a number of exquisite buildings, gardens, and courtyards.


12:20 Lennon Wall

Duration of the visit 30 minutes, 10 minutes by walking from St, Vitus Cathedral.

The John Lennon Wall, or Lennon Wall, is located near the Prague French Embassy. The wall is filled with Lennon inspired graffiti, art and Beatles song lyrics. The Lennon Wall was created after he was shot in 1980.


13:00 Babes Tower / Penguins / Hand art

Duration 45 minutes


 13:50 Charles Bridge

Duration of the visit 30 minutes

Once the most important bridge for commerce, the Charles Bridge in Prague is still very important, but now it’s primarily significant for tourism. This beautiful cobblestone bridge is lined with intricate statues and lamps posts on either side. It crosses the river Vltava to the Prague Castle and was named after King Charles IV who commissioned its building. The view from this bridge is stunning. Visitors are welcome and encouraged to walk across the bridge as it’s now a pedestrian road. Musicians, street performers, artists and other vendors line the street during the busiest times of the day/ The quietest times are early morning and late evening. This is a don’t miss a spot in Prague.

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