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Welcome to my travel blog!

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Who I am:

My name is Karim, young Egyptian citizen living today in The Middle East has been visiting the most amazing cities in the world since 4 years, as a Flight Attendant.

My new life started in 2013 when a friend offered me the opportunity to join him to Bangkok, to work there for a travel company, studying at the same time Thai and French languages in two institutes. It was a new interesting experience for me to study and work with people of different nationalities, speaking English with so different accents, thinking in differents ways. To share with this mix of people was my first trip around the world!

Then came up another opportunity to Become a Flight Attendant after a recruitment session in Hong Kong and 2 months later I packed again from Bangkok to fly to the Middle East.

As you might know, dreams could become true when you really want it, by the help of the Cosmos!


Why my blog?

Joinmycosmos or join my Universe!

The Cosmos can designate the Universe.

For Platon Heaven and Earth, Gods and Men are bound together by a community of friendship and understanding, wisdom and a spirit of justice. This is the reason why, in this universe, Platon gave the name of cosmos, of arrangement.

We are protected by The Cosmos and The Cosmos helps us to reach our goal and deep desires.


Travelling to The Cosmos is traveling around the world, meeting people of different races, understanding their cultures, religions or beliefs, their ways of living and their hopes.


Travelling is also a lot of fun, lot of new experiences about food, environment, architecture.

Travelling is also the best way to get out from your comfort to open your mind!


So I just want to share my travel experiences, to give you tips, showing you pictures and videos.


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